From MoPac/Loop 1:
  1. From Downtown Austin, take MoPac North
  2. Exit Braker Lane
  3. Right turn on Braker Lane
  4. Right turn on Kramer
  5. Go all the way down Kramer until it intersects with N. Lamar and you will be directly in front of Chinatown Center’s main entrance. There is a stop light at this intersection.
  6. If you accidentally miss the turn on Kramer, you can make a right turn on Braker Lane and that will intersect N. Lamar, where you will then make a right and then an immediate left into the shopping center.
From Downtown Austin, take I-35 North:
  1. Exit Braker Lane
  2. Left on Braker Lane
  3. Left turn on N. Lamar
  4. Left turn at Kramer. There is a stop light at this intersection.
  5. Chinatown Center will be to your immediate left

Chinatown Center

10901 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78753
Phone: (512) 502-8887

For retail or leasing information

Call Helix Management at (512) 502-8887
Email Chelsea Geissen at

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Chinatown Austin